Job seekers value more flexibility from employers

Published: May 21, 2019

Updated: May 26, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



Job seekers have changed in recent years to become more knowledgeable and demanding, meaning employers must adapt with flexibility. In the insurance industry and beyond, job seekers are understanding their value and will turn down jobs if certain working options are not on offer.

IWG released its latest annual global study to highlight a increasing power shift towards workers and away from employers. In a shifting climate, employees are able to dictate what their working day is and job candidates can now make more demands in the job seeking process.

Described as “Generation Flex”, the new breed of workers wants flexibility in terms of working hours and the ability to telecommunicate remotely. IWG’s study finds 85% of participating Canadians now seek a job that provides flexibility compared to one that doesn’t. 54% said job location is important, followed by 28% who value the prestige of the company.

“Flexible work is not just preferred by workers, it’s expected,” said Wayne Berger, chief executive officer of IWG Canada and Latin America. “Having a company that’s nimble enough to change with the times has never been more important. For companies serious about winning the war for talent, offering flexible arrangements is now the norm.”

Looking at the insurance industry, flexibility is becoming of growing importance for job seekers. Many jobs within the industry require flexibility, such as a lot of time on the road or visiting multiple locations.

Supplying flexibility and mobility to workers can help companies attract the best employees. Organizations have woken up to changing conditions with 69% of Canadian businesses now offering a flexible work policy.