Labatt Breweries seeks distracted and impaired driving education

Published: October 11, 2018



The brewer is collaborations with communities around Canada to roll out the forums. Core discussion points will be distracted and impaired driving, including road safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

With marijuana legalization just a week away, the Labatt Breweries forums will discuss the impact cannabis will have on road safety. The company says some forums have already been held, such as a Toronto event held in September. At the forum, participants used go-karts under the supervision of Toronto Police and were taught the dangers of distracted driving.

“Our goal is to continue contributing to road safety and further reduction of harmful behaviours over the years to come by building awareness and finding solutions in the key areas of road safety,” said Charlie Angelakos, Labatt’s vice president of legal and corporate affairs.

“It is also critical to build on the knowledge and partnerships we have accumulated in order to tackle new facets of existing problems and apply the lessons we have learned to new issues.”

Reduced Impaired Driving Numbers

Impaired driving and distracted driving are moving in opposite directions. Statistics Canada says drunk driving rates have decline 35.5%, while many municipalities now describe distracted driving as the leading cause of road-related injury and death.

While drunk driving rates have consistently declined, the introduction of legal recreational marijuana this month could see drug impaired driving rates increase.

“It takes a whole community, including employers, non-profits, government, the news media and the general public, to effect real change,” said Ward Vanlaar, of the Traffic Injury Research Foundation.

“Prevention strategies must adapt and keep pace with these changes. In a word, we can’t keep doing the same thing if we want to make progress.,” Angelakos added.