MADD Canada praises Quebec’s tough impaired driving rule

Published: December 4, 2019



Quebec has recently announced tough new measures for impaired drivers who a repeat offenders. Now, one expert says the penalties are among the harshest in Canada.

Since Nov. 25, motorists in the province found guilty of a second impaired driving offence will have an alcohol ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle. Motorists caught drinking and driving following the new laws would have an alcohol interlock device. This is a small device that acts as a breath tester. If booze is detected, the vehicle will be locked and won’t be able to start.

The new measures will sit alongside licence suspensions, criminal action, and vehicle seizures as existing penalties.

Andrew Murie, the CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada (MADD Canada) says the organization supports the new laws. He called the measures “by far the most progressive in North America and globally”.

However, he said authorities in Quebec will have to work hard to make sure the law is enforced properly.

“The tougher the penalties become, (the more) they will find and try to find ways around complying with that legislation,” Murie recently in a phone interview with Canadian Underwriter.

“What happens is, for them to comply with the legislation and be able to operate their vehicle, they need to drink a lot less,” he said.