MADD Canada warns of perils of impaired driving this Saint Jean Baptiste Day

Published: June 24, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Saint Jean Baptiste Day is taking place on Saturday, June 24 in Quebec. With the holiday weekend, Quebecers will be revelling and celebrating, but Mothers Against Drink Driving (MADD) Canada are warning people to stay safe on the roads and involved operating a vehicle while impaired.

The awareness group has partnered with Allstate Insurance Company of Canada in a joint message to help ensure people get home safely.

"We don't want to see anyone's holiday weekend end in carnage on the road," said MADD Canada National President Patricia Hynes-Coates. "Plan ahead for a sober ride home. It takes just a few minutes and it can prevent a tragedy. Driving impaired is just never worth the risk to you, your family and friends or anyone else on the road with you."

MADD points out that hundreds of people are killed and thousands more injured by collisions involving impaired driving. Motorists operating a vehicle under the influence of drink and/or drugs are a danger on roads and MADD says these incidents are 100% avoidable.

Along with AllState Insurance, MADD says Quebecers should celebrate freely, but when it’s time to go home, always take the safe option. The group points to Uber, taxis, public transport, or designated drivers as ways to avoid impaired driving.

"Whether you're going out or celebrating at home with family and friends, please leave the driving to someone sober," said Allstate Insurance Company of Canada President and CEO Ryan Michel. "No one ever gets behind the wheel thinking they may injure or kill someone, but that is exactly what can happen if you drive impaired."

MADD Canada has a mutual partnership with Uber and says the ride-sharing company is an easy solution to the problem of getting home after a night out.