Manitoba broker has license revoked for failing to expedite customer policy renewals

Published: December 30, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



One Manitoba-based broker has had her license stripped for not creating a smooth transition for three clients going through policy renewal. The province’s broker regulator, the General Insurance Council of Manitoba said it reached the decision against Danielle Robertson on Dec. 21.

The council found Robertson was “unsuitable to hold an agent license based on her failure to provide advice and coverage as requested by clients.”

The names of the clients were not released and Robertson has decided not to appeal the decision.

“In the cases of Insured A and Insured B, [Robertson] failed to secure coverage for clients, thereby leaving gaps in coverage, and exceeding her binding authority,” the council ruled in its decision. “The possibility of future uninsured claims (e.g. liability) continues to exist. With respect to the Insured C file, two concurrent policies were in place effective September 12, 2016.”

Insured A had a policy due to expire on AUG. 12, 2016 and on the expiration date signed an application with a different insurance provider. However, Robertson did not get the application to the new insurer until Oct. 21, 2016. Because Robertson’s binding authority did not cover the period, Insurance A was left without insurance for over two months.

Insured B faced a similar problem when their policy expired on Aug. 31, 2016. Robertson told the client the policy was cancelled and a new policy would arrive a week after Sept. 9, 2016. A month later the policy has not arrived, forcing Insured B to follow up with the broker. Robertson assured the policy would be issued in October.

However, the application was not submitted to the insurance provider until Nov. 4, again leaving the customer with a gap in insurance. Insured C faced the same service and was without insurance for over a month.