Medical reasons result in the most travel insurance claims

Published: June 20, 2019

Updated: June 30, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



A significant portion of Canadians who make an insurance claim do so from their travel insurance provider, according to a recent survey. Around a quarter of Canadians said their made a travel insurance claim, with medical treatment being the leading reason for the claim.

That would mean medical treatment while travelling is one of the biggest insurance claims in the industry. RBC Insurance conducted a survey that found 33% of all travel insurance claims were due to visiting a hospital, doctor, or other medical service when abroad.

Flight delays accounts for 24% of claims, with lost items following in third place. The survey also detailed which items Canadians are most likely to lose when travelling, with baggage leading the way at 20%, followed by a passport (13%) and even a travelling companion (6%).

Stacey Hughes-Brooks, head of travel at RBC Insurance, said the survey highlighted the importance of purchasing adequate travel insurance before heading off.

“Travel is a wonderful, educational experience and it’s great to see that Canadians are exploring the world outside their own province or country so frequently,” she said. “However, given the data from the survey, a quarter of Canadians have needed to make an insurance claim so it’s best to make sure not only that you have coverage, but that you have enough.”

Hughes-Brooks points out many credit card providers in Canadian offer travel insurance, so many cardholders believe they are properly covered. That is always the case and reading the finer details of those credit card deals is important:

“It’s important that Canadians do their homework to understand their coverage otherwise they could find themselves out-of-pocket for minor or major expenses.”