Municipality of North Perth fighting back against auto thefts

Published: June 27, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



The Municipality of North Perth in Ontario is partnered with Perth County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Trillium Mutual Insurance in an effort to reduce auto thefts in the region.

Auto theft is a Canada-wide problem and is on the rise throughout the country. In Ontario, the problem is exacerbated by auto insurance fraud. The Municipality of North Perth lies west of Toronto and recorded (Perth County OPP) responded to 67 cases of auto theft and recovered stolen cars in the area.

More than 95% of these vehicles had the keys left in them. Provinces around Canada are trying to urge drivers to not leave their keys in vehicles, it is the chief cause of auto theft. Saskatchewan may one day go a step further with Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) confirming it has considered fining motorists who leave their keys in a vehicle that is then stolen.

The police in the area spent over 800 hours in total investigating the cases of auto theft.

“The Municipality of North Perth, Perth County OPP and Trillium Mutual Insurance strongly believe that victim action and community awareness on the widespread consequences of preventable auto theft is key to solving the problem,” the municipality said in the release. “With over 135 years of insurance knowledge protecting and enhancing farm and community lifestyles across Ontario, Trillium directly sees the cost associated with auto thefts in the area.”

In a press release, the municipality pointed to the following steps to help drivers avoid a stolen vehicle:

  • locking vehicle doors, closing windows, and removing keys;
  • watching the neighbourhood and reporting any unusual activity to the police;
  • reporting all theft and vehicle break-ins, no matter how big or how small; and
  • educating others on how they can help stop preventable crime.

“By partnering with the Perth County OPP and Trillium Mutual Insurance on this crime prevention initiative, the Municipality of North Perth is protecting the security of our residents and ensuring tax dollars are used as effectively as possible to support important municipal services,” North Perth Mayor Julie Behrns said in the release. “We all have a role to play to decrease the prevalence of preventable auto theft and its financial implications. We encourage you to join our efforts by diligently securing your property and monitoring your neighbourhood.”