New Brunswick announces flood map project

Published: July 3, 2018

Updated: September 19, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



The government of New Brunswick has announced a collaboration with the federal government to use investment for a flood-hazard mapping network in the province.

Both governments detailed a $1.14 million fund for a new project of creating two flood maps. One map will be for inland areas, while the second will be of the coastline. The investment will be part of the province’s Climate Change Action Plan.

“The projects announced today will help the Province of New Brunswick better prepare for and prevent the effects of flooding,” said federal emergency preparedness minister Ralph Goodale in a release on June 28.

In the announcement, the government says the maps will help with storm prediction modelling, such as rising sea levels, surges, and wave effects. The maps will help future developments as well as serve currently property management.

Coastal Zones Research Institute project manager and researcher Mélanie Aubé spoke to CBC News the data will be collected for engineers and planners to assess flood risk, whether for mitigation or future property developments.

“It can identify the roads that are going to be flooded and may be not accessible — even how high the water can be relative to the height of a building or the road,” Aubé explained. “So, you can plan on how high a certain infrastructure needs to be to not be at risk.”

The coastal maps are expected to be launched early in 2019, although the inland maps will not arrive until a year later in 2020.