New Brunswick confirms $1 million flood mitigation road project

Published: July 28, 2019

Updated: August 28, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



The government of New Brunswick has announced it has created a program to realign a stretch of road affected by recent floods. Provincial government officials announced infrastructure work will be underway on a thoroughfare leading into Darlings Island, which was damaged by spring floods.

Areas in New Brunswick were hit by severe flooding during the spring as heavy storms hit the province affected normal snowmelt conditions.

Minister of transportation and Infrastructure Bill Oliver confirmed the road repair work will cost around $1 million and will get underway this month.

“The Darlings Island Road, as many people in the area realize, has been a major problem each spring for the past number of years, probably going back as far as 10 years,” the minister added.

Oliver says 100 homes are affected by the flooding of the road each year.

“It’s an annual happening so that’s why we decided to go ahead and fix it.”

When the road is raised from the water it will match the elevation of the nearby covered bridge which is around six metres above sea level. To achieve this height, some parts of the road will need to be raised as much as two metres.

New Brunswick has applied to the federal Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements program to help cover some of the projected costs.

Oliver added the provincial government wants to begin work on the project this month and complete the work during the end of October and into early November.

Spring flooding that impacted New Brunswick also affected Ontario and Quebec. Earlier this month, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) revealed the floods caused nearly $208 million in insured damage.