New Brunswick flood situation improves but remains ongoing

Published: April 29, 2019

Updated: June 3, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



New Brunswick’s severe flood appears to be receding, according to authorities. However, officials in the province has said there is still a long path towards the situation changing.

In an announcement on Monday, the province’s Emergency Measures Organization confirmed the water seems to be receding along Saint John River. However, communities along the river’s banks remain underwater.

In Fredericton, the situation has been worsened by heavy rain on Saturday night, but the city is predicted to fall below flood level by the end of this week. Greg MacCallum, EMO director in New Brunswick called for patience as the situation improves.

“The precipitation that we got has to work its way through the system. It’s a slow thing to get this much water out of the river basin, so we once again are asking people to be patient,” MacCallum said Sunday.

Roads remain closed in province, including the Trans-Canada Highway between River Glade and Oromocto. Travel between Moncton and Fredericton has been slowed, with vehicles diverted through Saint John. EMO spokesperson Geoffrey Downey said there will be a lot of debris on the highway even as water levels drop.

For residents who evacuated, MacCallum avoids delaying a return to a home as the situation is still not safe.

“We don’t want people putting themselves in harm’s way and compounding the problem by making a move too early.”

“I want to reassure people that in those areas where people have evacuated – even if it is just the occasional homes – we are maintaining a security presence on boats throughout the day and night,” MacCallum said.