New travel insurance program targets customers not using brokers

Published: July 24, 2018



The broker’s role in the insurance industry is changing, where its for better or for worse. Some customers are not moving through the broker channel for their travel insurance anymore, seeking more non-traditional ways to purchase coverage. Specialist travel insurance company TuGo has launched a new Affiliate Program to reach these consumers

TuGo says the new program will give customers buying through non-traditional channels easier access to the company’s solutions. Called the TuGo Affiliate Program (TAP), the service will set up a new network of web locations built around companies or individuals unlicensed to sell travel insurance. TuGo CEO Patrick Robinson explains that these people cannot directly sell insurance online, but will be able to refer customers to TuGo:

 “TAP increases TuGo’s distribution to market, but doesn’t take away from our traditional insurance business,” Robinson said in an interview with Canadian Underwriter. “Specifically, TAP serves travellers online who aren’t currently buying insurance through traditional channels, including brokers. TAP gives travellers choice, being there where they want us to be: on their favourite websites, blogs, newsletters or social media feeds.”

As an unlicensed person or company, an affiliate will not be able to provide any advice on insurance coverage but will merely serve as an advertiser for TuGo. Customers will be driven to TuGo through ads on an affiliate site.

Robinson insists the solution is not in direct conflict with the traditional broker network. The Insurance Brokers Association of British Columbia has not yet commented on the change. It is worth noting that there is a critical point here. TAP is not designed to draw people already using a broker, but instead to reach those who have no intention of using one.

“Buying power is shifting to younger generations, and technology plays a huge role in how people prefer to interact and transact,” he said. “The new generation of travelers have different preferences and requirements, and technology has opened up a world of possibilities for travel and insurance, offering travelers more options and flexibility.”

Affiliates will be able to track link connection through real-time analytics, while TuGo will provide marketing software that will integrate into websites and social media output. In return, companies that adopt TAP will receive 10% of any travel insurance policy sold through one of its affiliate unique links.