Northbridge offers home insurance discount in collaboration with Alert Labs

Published: February 20, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Northbridge Insurance has launched a new initiative with Alert Labs that will give customers annual savings of up to $150 on their home insurance policy. To get the benefit, consumers can purchase sensors and technology aimed at protecting properties against water damage.

The pilot project is for customers who have purchased an Alert Labs Home Solution, which is available with a 15% discount. This package features technology that can help warn of water damage and give customers data to protect their homes. In the pack, there is the Flowie water sensor and a Floodie companion sensor.

Northbridge announced the collaboration last week, adding that the Alert Labs sensors are easy to use, can be installed in less than two minutes and work on municipal water meters. At the moment, the program is available to Northbridge customers through broker partners in area of Ontario where risk of water damage is high.

Kitchener, Ont.-based Alert Labs is a specialist in mitigation technology. The sensors are designed to detect sudden changes in temperature, power outages, and flood risk. Homeowners are alerted to such dangers via a notification system for computer or smartphone. The notifications are sent in real time, meaning customers can often act quickly.

The statement points out that the sensors rely on phone network and not Wi-Fi, which means they work even if there is a power outage. Units also come with battery backup.

“Our technology tracks and analyzes water consumption, and customers are notified of incidents that could point to a leak, such as continuously running water,” explained Alert Labs CEO George Tsintzouras. “This makes us different from a lot of other solutions that focus on alerting customers after a flood has taken place. Our goal is to help homeowners avoid the expense and hassle of water damage in the first place with technology that’s easy to use.”

Aside from protecting a home, Northbridge says the sensors will also save money for consumers as they help to collect data on water consumption. “A single toilet leak can cost up to $600 per year in wasted water,” the company points out.

Ilda Dinis, vice president of customer experience and marketing for Northbridge, said in the statement that she knows that “no one wants to come home and deal with a water damage claim. We’re always looking for innovative ways to help our customers protect what matters to them, and partnering with Alert Labs is a great way for us to do that.”