Ontario broker-turned-politician says auto insurance claims are “cumbersome”

Published: April 24, 2019

Updated: June 3, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



A politician in Ontario has said the current auto insurance system in the province is overly complicated and the government wants to make the claims process easier. This person is well placed to offer assessment as they used to be a broker.

Speaking to the legislature this week, Nina Tangri, Conservative MPP for Mississauga-Streetsville, said the auto system in Ontario is not efficient.

“Today when someone has an accident, they are assigned an adjuster,” Nina said during a debate on an NDP private member’s bill that aims to reduce auto insurance premiums. “That adjuster helps them navigate the system to get the care they need, to get the vehicle fixed, and it can sometimes be a lengthy, cumbersome process, especially if you were hurt in an accident.”

Before winning election in 2018, Tangri was CEO and founder of Tangri Insurance & Financial Group and President of Tangri-BMT Insurance Brokers.

During the debate, Tangri referenced a recent Ontario government survey. The poll conducted in January and February drew over 50,000 responses from concerned consumers. One of the core take-aways from the report was customers find policies too hard to understand and want solutions that fit their specific needs.

“In my past life, not too long ago, I was an insurance broker, so I understood this completely when trying to educate our clients on what coverages they have and what options they have to increase their benefits, whether to take collision or not to take collision, and what the implications are. It is a very difficult policy to understand.”

It seems the Ontario government is trying to address some of the concerns. In its 2019 Budget release in March, the government said it will create a driver care card that would provide information for making auto insurance claims easier.

“The driver care card will really help those people navigate the system, to be able to go to a provider very quickly and, hopefully, get better faster,” said Tangri.