Ontario building 500 more electric charging stations

Published: July 14, 2016

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Ontario is boosting its electric charging infrastructure. The province announced this week that it will build around 500 electric charging stations at more than 250 locations. The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) says that the development is another step towards reducing gas pollution and greenhouse gasses.

Electric vehicles are vastly more environmentally friendly than normal gas vehicles. However, electric cars need to be recharged and often take a long time to recharge. By providing more charging terminals, the province is making it easier for drivers to access an electric car infrastructure. Essentially motorists can be less worried about running out of charge.

In a press release on Wednesday, the ministry said it is creating an “unprecedented network” of charging locations. Electric charging locations will be set up in cities, on highways, at workplaces, and in public places around Ontario.

The province is home to over 9 million drivers. If the government can provide an infrastructure, it will be easier to convince motorists to buy electric vehicles instead of gas ones. At the moment there are around 7,000 electric vehicles in Ontario.

The entire network, which includes over 200 Level 3 (480V) DC and nearly 300 Level 2 (220V) AC charging stations – will be in service by March 31, 201.

“Building a more robust network of public chargers across Ontario allows electric vehicle owners to plan longer trips knowing that charging stations are as readily available as gas stations,” the MTO said. “With the new network of stations, electric vehicle drivers will be able to travel confidently from Windsor to Ottawa or from Toronto to North Bay and within and around major urban centres.”

Drivers will be supplied with an interactive map through Ontario 511. This map will detail all charging locations, the ministry says.

 “By investing in charging infrastructure that is fast, reliable and affordable, we are encouraging more Ontarians to purchase electric vehicles, reducing greenhouse gas pollution and keeping our air clean,” said Ontario’s Minister of Transportation, Steven Del Duca, in the release.

Glen R. Murray, the province’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, adds that “transportation is one of the single biggest contributors to climate change. Supporting more charging stations across the province will help to reduce greenhouse gas pollution by making it more convenient for drivers of electric vehicles to get around.”