Over 50% of collisions caused by phone use shows report

Published: April 11, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



A software company has published a report that shows more than half of car crashes studied were caused by drivers distracted drivers using a cellular device.

Scientists at Massachusetts-based software company

Cambridge Mobile Telematics based their research on journeys where the driver was using the company’s applications. Looking at 1,000 verified collisions, "tens of thousands" of near crashes, and "billions of miles" of driving with CMT's apps. Cellphone us was the cause of 52 percent of accidents found.

The reasons for using the device were for texting, social media and email. CMT says the average distraction last for 135 seconds.

It should be noted that no concise data on smartphone use while drivers are distracted. It is believed that such devices cause over 90% of all distracted driving-related collisions. The CMT figures are taken from all collisions.

The use of phones lasted more than a minute in 40 percent of drives, the study shows. Also, 20 percent of distractions lasted more than 20 minutes. 29 percent of all the distractions occurred at speeds of 56 mph or over.