Quebec attempts to build bridges with angered flood victims

Published: September 15, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Brad Neal



The Government of Quebec is enacting changes to legislation to help flood victims who feel they have not been protected against severe climate conditions. Martin Coiteux, public security minister for Quebec, says customers feel abandoned by the province and in Montreal on Tuesday he announced new measures to help.

For example, the government will host personalized meeting days that will allow flood victims to talk directly with municipal and provincial representatives. These officials will be able to deal with the case directly.

Quebec residents have hit out against the governments failings in managing flood fallout. Dozens attended a rally in Montreal last weekend to protest provincial responses to flooding that happened in May.

Coiteux says customers were let down, but the scale of flooding means all resources in Quebec were strained.

Months on from the storms, 278 families remain in hotels, while around the same number are believed to be living with relatives or in rental locations. The government reacted to the floods with $350 million to help solve the problems left after the waters went. However, several months later,

“We admit that things aren’t perfect and need to be improved, and we’re acting,” Coiteux said.

“Even though great efforts have been made by the government – as almost 100 new agents were added to meet the multiple demands – it is now obvious that we need to do more.

“Those affected by the floods aren’t well-informed of the next steps and get confused sometimes in the process with the different levels of government involved.”