Quebecers unclear on home insurance and earthquake coverage says IBC

Published: October 20, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Quebecers have been involved in Canada’s Great ShakeOut earthquake drill, but the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) says residents in the province still have a knowledge gap about earthquake protection.

The Great ShakeOut global event took place on Thursday, and was in Canada for the fifth consecutive year. 96,000 Quebecers and 987,000 people across Canada took part in drills yesterday. IBC is a significant sponsor of the event in the country, but the organization says residents in Quebec are still unprepared for tremors.

IBC published results of a survey by SOM. 1,000 Quebec-based people took part in the study and the results show only 8% knew the three key steps (Drop, Cover, Hold On) that should be taken in the event of an earthquake.

Additionally, only 14% of respondents are aware that their homes could take damage from earthquakes. Over a third admit they did not understand their home insurance policy and believed it would cover them from earthquakes. A further 38% say they are not sure if their policy protects them from risk.

IBC says only 3% of respondents have the required home insurance with separate earthquake coverage:

“What the survey reveals, overall, is that Quebecers are not ready to deal with a major earthquake. Not only don’t they know what steps could protect their lives, but many also believe their home insurance policy covers them when it actually doesn’t,” commented IBC communications and public affairs director Pierre Babinsky.

“This short simulation could make all the difference the day we are hit by a major quake. Those who practice the three steps, even if only once a year, will immediately know what to do during a quake,” said Babinsky.