Raven Subscription Helps Teenagers Stay Safe Behind the Wheel Through Connected Tech

Published: September 5, 2018



There is a clear reason why young drivers pay more on average for their auto insurance than other motorists. Simply, younger drivers are more of a risk from insurance. Indeed, the first year of driving is often the most dangerous. To help keep teenage drivers safe, Klashwerks has debuted a connected car technology called Raven.

Among the features included in the Raven system are alerts that notify bad-driving habits, driving reports, live video feeds running 24/7, and crash notifications. Raven is a subscription that costs from $30 per month over 12 months.

The core features of Raven have been listed by Klashwerks:

Raven tracks activity. A need for speed may seem like fun to a teenager, but creates a more dangerous road ahead, especially with a novice behind the wheel. Even at a distance, parents can find out when their vehicle is being driven carelessly. If so, they can take steps to correct the behaviour.

Raven keeps watch. The temptation to drive distracted can be difficult to resist, especially for a generation that has grown up with technology at its fingertips. Parents can keep an eye on the car to monitor their teen driver and will know if their attention wanders from the road.

Raven informs immediately. An anxious parent awaiting confirmation that their teenager has arrived at their destination safely can stay up to date about anything that happens along the way and be put at ease when the car is finally parked.

Speaking of the platform, Klashwerks co-founder and CEO Russell Ure said, “It was my own experience as a parent – concerned for my daughter on icy winter roads – that really fuelled the desire to reduce the anxiety parents have during what should be an exciting milestone in a young person's life.”

Teenagers have good reason to adopt technology to help enforce good driving habits. Not least because collisions are the leading cause of death amongst teenagers. In fact, 6 out of 10 vehicle collisions are caused by distracted driving. Raven can help give parents peace of mind and help educate teenager about staying safe behind the wheel.