RCMP reveals distracted driving behaviour many drivers are unaware of

Published: October 21, 2018



Distracted driving is a massive problem across Canada. Lawmakers, authorities, and insurance companies continue to wrestle with how to handle the problem. In many provinces, distracted driving is becoming the leading cause of road-related injury and death.

For the most part, using an electronic device, like a smartphone, behind the wheel is the main cause of distracted driving. As such, drivers are already fully aware using a smartphone while driving is illegal. Yes, they ignore this in vast numbers, but the fact remains they know the law.

However, there are various types of distracted driving that are not as well know. The RCMP has detailed some of the fringe types of distracted driving that many drivers are unaware of. If you are driving while doing any of the following, you are driving distracted.


Eating: Who hasn’t taken a bit or a sip when behind the wheel? It’s easy to do, but the RCMP says eating or drinking when driving counts as being distracted.

Talking to Passengers: Ok, this one is a little harder to define as it absolutely is not illegal to speak when driving. However, in some circumstances talking can be construed as distracted driving, the problem is how do you know when that is. In some regions, new drivers are limited to the number of passengers they are allowed in the car. If a risky driving situation arises, it is best to tell occupants to be quiet. It is not illegal to talk, but it can be classed as a distraction.

Make-up: Missed the alarm in the morning, just do your make-up in the car on the way to work, right? Wrong. Applying make-up is distracted driving and may be the worst of all as it requires eyes to be off the road for long periods of time.

RCMP says music is also a potential distraction:

Music: Music should never be so loud that you would not be able to hear a siren, or the screech of brakes from another vehicle.