RSA Canada gives tips about cottage rental this summer

Published: July 14, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Many Canadians will be heading off on vacations this summer. A popular choice for many holidaymakers is to rent an out-of-town cottage. As we have previously seen, there is a gap in insurance being offered to customers travelling in Canada. Those who do rent a cottage are being warned about some other specific problems.

RSA Canada has issued a release that points to several tips to help Canadians renting an out-of-town cottage this year.

“It’s important that those renting a cottage are doing so from a reputable source,” said Brodie Bott, RSA communications and media relations manager. “Ask for reviews from prior customers as well as any provincial or municipal affiliations.”

The company says renters should confirm that the cottage has adequate insurance before renting.

“A loss to the building, as well as the safety of you and your guests is the owner’s responsibility,” he noted.

Other noteworthy tips include:

  • Personal items taken to the cottage are covered by the renter’s personal insurance policy.
  • Any loss of use of a cottage is not covered by the renter’s insurance policy (including the cancellation of the rental by the property owner).
  • Any intentional damage caused to the cottage by the renter or their guest is the responsibility of the renter and is not covered by their personal insurance policy.

“It’s equally important that renters abide by the terms of the rental agreement, particularly the rules around the legal number of persons occupying the property, any requirements around clean-up and the owner’s policy on pets, to ensure they are covered should anything go awry,” he added.