RSA Canada seeks to boost driver education ahead of back-to-school

Published: August 31, 2018



RSA Canada has debuted a new driver education program to prepare motorists for the back to school season. In an effort to increase driver awareness and improve road safety, RSA’s TruceTo hub features resources and tools for drivers to participate in, allowing them to learn about road safety.

In a press release, RSA Canada confirmed the website hub includes a quiz on driving safely and an infographic that focuses on back-to-school. Media on the website includes an educational video about road safety in Canada, while an official podcast will also be initiated… the first episode is available now.

“As providers of auto insurance, RSA has a vested interest in road safety as a whole,” said RSA Canada senior vice-president of personal insurance Donna Ince. “By encouraging Canadians to look out for one another, be more mindful of their surroundings and educate themselves on the rules of the road, we hope to help reduce fatalities and increase the level of harmony on Canadian roads.”

RSA Canada points to police statistics to reveal the rising levels of collisions and fatalities. The Toronto Police Service Public Service Data Portal says 36 pedestrians were killed during 2017, alongside 13 drivers and four cyclists. With more child pedestrians on the road during school times, RSA Canada is attempting to raise awareness.

Through its own study, RSA Canada found 50% of pedestrians are unsure when a cyclist had right of way. Similarly, 33% of cyclists are unclear on what some road signs mean. A commissioned survey from the company also found 44% of pedestrians believe cities should fund driver education programs.