Saskatchewan homes are covered for 30 days says SGI Canada

Published: September 5, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) Canada says residents of northern Saskatchewan involved in a mass evacuation will have coverage for 30 days. The crown corporation adds all customers displaced by wildfires will not have personal and commercial property policies cancelled for 30 days, even in the event of expiration or non-payment.

Wildfires spreading through northern parts of the province have pushed hundreds of people from their homes as mass evacuation orders are issued. SGI says all customers with home insurance are covered by mass evacuation protection.

With the policy coverage, customers can get expenses for hotel stays and subsidies for staying with friends and family. Other policy points include fuel, meals, and transportation. SGI points out that coverage lasts for 30 days and insurance pay-outs depend on the deductible on the policy.

The company also warns customers to keep all receipts as proof in the claim process.

“Your coverage limit will depend on the value of your home (or in the case of a tenant or condo owner, belongings),” SGI says, in an information sheet published this week.

Personal home policies are covered “if your home or cabin is destroyed by fire, and you may be eligible for coverage for a smoke damage claim,” the information sheet adds.

Commercial properties are also covered, with SGI saying organizations are protected against fire:

“If you have business interruption coverage as part of your commercial property policy, you are eligible for coverage following direct damage to your property or a neighbouring property. This coverage is not triggered by an evacuation, but if there is damage as a result, you are covered,” the information sheet explains.

SGI continues personal and commercial property insurance policies “will not be cancelled if their policy expires or due to non-payment, for a period up to 30 days past the expiration or non-payment date.”