SGI publishes ticket numbers for June

Published: July 24, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



New motorists were the focus of a law enforcement during July in Saskatchewan. According to the provinces public insurer, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), 88 tickets were issued to new drivers and motorcyclists.

Tickets were given to drivers who were not meeting requirements of their license. On Monday, SGI said 66 learner drivers were caught driving without a supervisor with them. A further 20 tickets were issued for driving without a sufficient endorsement, and two tickets for not displaying the proper ‘L’ (Learner) or ‘N’ (Novice) plates.

While focus was given to new drivers, police in Saskatchewan did not ignore other infractions through the month. Indeed, SGI reports ticketing for other offences: 4,762 tickets were issued for aggressive driving and speeding, 441 tickets for lack of seatbelt of child restraint, and 436 tickets for distracted driving. Police handed out tickets for 307 distracted drivers using cellphones.

376 impaired driving violations were also observed throughout June. From those, three hundred and thirty-three drivers were charged under the Criminal Code of Canada. Under the law, those drivers exceeded .08 blood alcohol content (BAC), failed a standard sobriety test and failed or refused a breathalyser test.

“It’s important to remember that refusing to give a breath sample has the same consequences as exceeding the limit,” SGI reminded in the statement.

Saskatchewan has spent 2017 clamping down on drivers who break the law. In January, the province introduced new laws that brought tougher rules around license suspensions, mandatory ignition interlock, and vehicle seizures.

Drivers under 21, including new motorists, can have their vehicle taken for three days and their license suspended for 60 days when they are caught driving with alcohol or drugs in their system.

In July, SGI and police are focusing on work zone safety, results of which will be published during the third week of August.