SGI starts impaired driving awareness campaign

Published: June 6, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has rolled out its latest public service advertising campaign in Saskatchewan. The provincial insurance provider is warning motorists about the dangers of impaired driving.

Drunk and drug drivers are a consistent problem in Saskatchewan and SGI says they cost lives and cause insurance premiums to rise. The new campaign is title ‘Impaired driving impacts everything and focuses on 12 Saskatchewan’s who were killed in drunk driving incidents.

The thought provoking clip shows photos of the victims and shows how they were once happy before the photos slowly disappear.

SGI is the public insurance operator in the province and the company’s media relations manager Tyler McMurchy says the campaign has already been warmly received since debuting last month.

“Saskatchewan is small enough that so many people in our province seeing it will know someone in the video,” McMurchy told Huffington Post.

Like other Canadian provinces, Saskatchewan is struggling to manage growing numbers of impaired drivers. While some argue the number of offences is rising because police are better at catching impaired motorists, it is clear tackling the issue is important. During the last decade, the province lost 600 people and 4,000 have been injured in impaired driving collisions.

SGI launched a similar campaign a year ago, but opted to use stock photos. This time the company wanted to have a more profound impact and use real victims. McMurchy points out that all families were willing to participate in the video.

“When we talked to these families, they kept making one point: they wanted something good to come out of something so terrible.”

“I want to thank the families who came forward and agreed to share their stories,” SGI minister Joe Hargrave said in a statement.