SGI targeting uninsured and unregistered drivers following high November numbers

Published: December 22, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has released data from ticket offences on Saskatchewan roads through November. The public insurer says hundreds of drivers in the province were caught without license, valid registration, or without valid insurance.

Provincial police reported the following figures for the month:

  • 302 offences for driving while suspended or disqualified
  • 519 tickets for operating a motor vehicle or trailer without a valid registration
  • 345 tickets for driving without a valid licence or failing to abide by licence restrictions

SGI issued the data in a press release that warned drivers to be legal on their vehicle when on public roads. Drivers must carry a valid license without suspension and have valid auto insurance coverage. In Saskatchewan, basic car insurance is sold exclusively through SGI.

The company also says police cars throughout Saskatchewan are now equipped with automatic licence plate readers (ALPRs), which give police the ability to easily identify drivers operating vehicles not complying with laws.

Under laws, motorists are not permitted to make claims like they are “on their way to SGI”. The company says there are no possible excuses for driving with an unregistered vehicles, without a license, or without auto insurance. There is a $580 fine for driving an unregistered vehicle, For second and more offenses within 12 months, the vehicle is seized for seven days.

Driving an unregistered vehicle also means there is no possible way to get auto insurance, and any coverage held will be void.