SGI warns drivers of strict new distracted driving laws

Published: January 31, 2020



Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is warning drivers in the province that strict new penalties for distracted driving are inbound.

In a press release, the public insurer states the new rules will come into effect on Saturday, Feb. 1. Those new penalties will more than double the fine for a distracted driving offence to $580. Furthermore, drivers will also be handed four demerit points instead of three.

For a second offence, motorists will be slapped with a $1,400 ticket, another four demerits points, and an instant seven-day vehicle seizure.

Any driver caught for a third time within a 12-month periods will receive a $2,100 fine, another four demerit points, and another vehicle seizure.

It is worth remembering that demerit points can have increase auto insurance premiums and could eventually result in a license being suspended. To push the message of the new laws, SGI will conduct a traffic spotlight next month that is focused on distracted driving.

“Distracted driving is a serious safety concern in our province and on roads all over the country,” Joe Hargrave, minister responsible for SGI, said in a release Thursday.

“We hope by introducing tougher penalties — and especially strong penalties for repeat offenders — it will mean fewer people driving distracted and fewer tickets issued.”