Shop Insurance Canada becomes sponsor of TIWA

Published: March 29, 2017

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Shop Insurance Canada, a subsidiary of Ontario-based insurance provider RDA Insurance, has announced it is now a corporate partner of the Toronto Insurance Women’s Association (TIWA).

By becoming a corporate sponsor of TIWA, Shop Insurance Canada is supporting the non-for-profit association and its ethos of promoting equality and ethical standards in the insurance industry. The Toronto Insurance Women’s Association was founded in 1960 and focuses on bringing high-quality services to the industry.

The group believes in helping women in insurance reach their goals. Members are afforded network opportunities and the chance to connect with industry professionals through monthly meetings and social events.

TIWA has proved a valuable tool in education and networking for many insurance professional.

“Joining TIWA is an affirmation to your peers, the industry, and ultimately the consumer, of your dedication to the industry through your professional and personal growth.”

Shop Insurance Canada is an online provider that connects customers with brokers around Canada. It is home to a leading quote engine that delivers affordable premium rates from leading providers for travel, home, and auto insurance in Ontario and around the country.

Toronto-based Shop Insurance Canada has been expanding its industry connections of late, seeking to support associations to deliver a stronger insurance industry. Alongside becoming a sponsor of TIWA, the company has also announced it is sponsoring the Insurance Brokers of Toronto Region (IBTR).

The Insurance Brokers of Toronto Region is a non-profit organization. It represents the interests of independent brokers within the city and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The group also backs provincial (Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario) and national (Insurance Brokers Association of Canada) broker associations.