Study finds Canadian workers value wellness programs

Published: July 16, 2019

Updated: August 1, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



RBC Insurance has published details of a recent study that shows many Canadians in the workforce want their organizations to create wellness programs. According to the survey, most workers think such programs would boost their overall wellbeing at and away from the workplace.

Data from the RBC study found 80% of working Canadians think a personalized wellness program would improve wellbeing. Such a program is defined as a customized initiative that is personal to the individual and based on their health and wellness goals.

Elsewhere in the survey, the insurance company found 94% of participants will prefer an employee with a wellness program over one without.

Canadian workers see wellness programs as capable of improving other areas of their daily life, with 78% saying it would boost physical health. 77% of respondents think a wellness program would increase their opinion about their employer, followed by 73% predicting an improvement in job satisfaction, 71% in mental health, and 68% in workplace productivity.

Elsewhere in the study, RBC Insurance found Canadians value customization and flexibility in group benefits insurance products. Nine in 10 participants expect options in group benefits, with 92% of females and 87% of males valuing such flexibility. 84% of workers would be more likely to join an organization that has a customized wellness program.

RBC says Canadian companies should create wellness packages that meet the demands of workers, especially for new generations who are more willing to enter and leave markets.

“The poll really underscores the value working Canadians place on having choice in benefits and personalized programs when it comes to their overall wellbeing,” commented RBC Insurance senior director of group insurance Julie Gaudry.