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Tenant insurance in Ontario

There is a misconception that protecting household items and covering injury in the home is something that only homeowners need to worry about. However, people who are renting should understand that their personal belongings (furniture, clothing, electronics) are not covered under the coverage of the landlord (homeowner).
With this in mind, renters insurance becomes essential for customers who want to ensure their belongings are protected. Another name for renters insurance is tenants insurance or sometimes apartment insurance. It is a policy that covers the rental property you live in, while also providing temporary accommodation if necessary.

Renters insurance is also the policy you want to cover any upgrades made on a unit. Many customers spend years in rental properties and make improvements to them, such as fixed furniture and lighting. These items are not protected by the homeowner’s policy, but renters insurance does cover those upgrade items.

Additionally, tenants insurance also offers important personal liability coverage. This means you are covered if you accidentally cause damage to an adjacent property or visitors in your unit.

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Ontario Tenant insurance details


There are several different renters insurance options, and there are also some important limitations and policy exceptions. For example, a standard tenants insurance policy will not provide protections for high-value items, such as valuable family heirlooms, art, and precious stones. Customers wishing to cover these items must do so either on a separate policy or as additional listed items on a standard policy.

There are two main types of condo insurance:

All perils coverage: Protects belongings and items against a breadth of hazard, with exclusions clearly listed on the policy. While the most expensive coverage, it is arguably the most suitable because it comprehensively protects across a wide range of dangers.

Named perils coverage: protects against the most common types of hazards, which will be clearly listed in your policy.

Actual cash value or replacement cost?

An actual cash value (ACV) plan means insurance providers will pay out a claim for the value of items at the time they were damaged, taking into account depreciation. For example, if an older TV is lost or damaged, the pay-out will be to the value of the item at its loss. Of course, an old TV will not be worth what it was new. This means customers with an ACV plan will rarely cover the price of buying a replacement.

Replacement cost plans do cover full reimbursement and consider the full value of the item and not depreciation. For example, the older TV would be fully replaced for a product of similar make and quality. This type of coverage means customers can fully replace their lost or damaged items, provided the policy is of a high standard.

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