Toronto police issued 2,300 tickets during recent road safety blitz

Published: March 26, 2019

Updated: April 1, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



Last week, law enforcement in Toronto went on a road safety blitz in an effort to catch law-breaking motorists. After the six-day blitz, police in the city say they issued over 2,300 provincial highway traffic tickets.

Running from March 11-17, the road safety blitz saw officers from all force divisions pay attention for offending drivers who may be speeding, driving dangerously, impaired, or distracted. Police in Toronto say these are the “big 4” infractions that cause the most death and injury on Canada’s roads.

Sgt. Brett Moore, spokesperson for Toronto police’s traffic services, says aside from a focus on the big four, officers also worked to educate drivers. Advice was given about paying attention to vulnerable road users like cyclists and pedestrians.

“We educated people through the enforcement of the Highway Traffic Act,” he said. “I think we engaged with a lot of people as well.”

“Toronto Police Service Officers patrolled for drivers who were speeding, drive while distracted, driving while impaired and driving aggressively. With the help of our many media partners and social media, we also started conversations about collision factors that affect vulnerable road users.”

Tickets were mostly issued under the Highway Traffic Act, but police say four arrests were made due to the Criminal Code offence of impaired driving.

During the blitz, authorities also engaged motorists through the media by leveraging ads on TV, radio, social media, and in print to highlight road safety.

Nine pedestrians have been killed on Toronto’s roads so far in 2019.