Uber Canada details strange items left by passengers, including a glass eye and wedding ring

Published: March 7, 2019

Updated: April 1, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



Uber Canada is used to dealing in controversy and serious matters, but the company has released a humour announcement that details some of the strangest items Canadians have left in Uber cars.

Among the dubious items left behind by passengers include odd objects and interesting finds, the company says in a recent press release.

Of course, some items left in Uber cars are normal, such as phones, wallets, camera, keys and bags. However, Uber Canada says there are plenty of oddities left behind too, such as gold teeth, a graduation certificate, a whip, and a glass eye.

Uber describes some of the items as “outrageous” and lists them as a ukulele, shower pole, and even a wedding ring.

In the press release, the ride-sharing giant also listed which Canadian cities leave the most items behind. Topping the list was Lethbridge, Alberta, followed by Niagara and Kitchener-Waterloo in Ontario.

Furthermore, Uber points out what items are most likely to be lost each day:

Monday – watches

Tuesday – headphones

Wednesday – laptops

Thursday – books

Friday – passports

Saturday – phones

Sunday – cakes

People in Canada are most forgetful on Saturdays and Sundays, and between the times of 11pm and 1am in the night.