Uber Movement brings huge data to Toronto

Published: April 12, 2018

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Ridesharing giant Uber has today launched its Uber Movement in Toronto, which leverages the company’s dataset to bring more information to customers.

The company explains it deals with hundreds of thousands of people each week in Toronto and from those trips, GPS data is accumulated. Uber says this data shows how Toronto “moves” between different times of the day or week.

Uber has normally kept this data under wraps, but consumer feedback has consistently asked for it to be release. Uber Movement is a platform that the company says provides unique data and could help form transport policy.

The tool is free to use and taps into Uber’s data from millions of trips. For customers, urban planners, or policy makers, the app is now fully working in Toronto. It is possible to use the tool to compare traffic data from different days, weeks, and years. Journey times across the city are included, highlighting how traffic is affected by big sporting events or road closures.

"Gridlock in the GTA costs as much as $6 billion annually in lost productivity. By sharing our aggregated and anonymized trip data, Uber can help inform decisions about how to adapt existing infrastructure and invest in future solutions to make our cities more efficient," said Rob Khazzam, General Manager, Uber Canada. "We're committed to deepen how we partner with cities and excited about how urban planners and transportation professionals can use this free resource."