WeGoLook Appraisal Sharing Economy Service for Auto and Home comes to Canada

Published: April 17, 2019

Updated: April 20, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



The digitizing of home and auto insurance appraisals has arrived in Canada thanks to a sharing-style platform. Delivered by WeGoLook, the online and mobile platform is a sharing-economy solution that is similar in function to Uber.

WeGoLook is a platform for approved people who are called out by clients via an application. The service has already delivered personalized onsite data gathering for inspections in the U.S. and is now migrating to Canada. So far, WeGoLook has 3,000 “lookers” in the county, with 600 approved to work.

Lookers are sent to take photos of on-location sites and gather data regarding auto and property damage for the claims process. Once completed, lookers send their data to desk-based appraisers for review. The idea is WeGoLook saves the appraisers the time of having to actually be in the field.

“Our Lookers are vetted to conduct precise and timely on-site inspections. Consider for the insurance industry, Lookers use the WeGoLook app to securely collect critical information which can be accessed immediately by an underwriter, loss adjuster, or other stakeholder. Consider a vehicle accident, where a loss adjuster requires documentation of the damage and accident scene. There’s a Looker for that!”

While lookers are not full appraisers, they do have training in how to take the right imagery, while they are prohibited from discussing the policy with clients. In the United States, WeGoLook has helped to reduce the appraisal time from up to five days to under two days.

Like Uber, lookers just need to locals with access to the app. This means anyone can theoretically sing to be a looker, although people with a background in appraisal or photography are more likely to gain approval.