Winnipeg mayor pushes for Uber insurance resolution

Published: January 13, 2018

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Uber has been clear that it dislikes the restrictive auto insurance plan drawn up by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) and the Public Utilities Board (PUB). Now, the Mayor of Winnipeg has weighed in on the side of the ride-sharing giant and urged Manitoba to reconsider its plan and pave the way for ride-sharing in its largest city.

Mayor Brian Bowman has asked MPI and PUB to find a solution to bring ride-sharing to Winnipeg through an easier solution:

“The Mayor is hopeful the provincial insurance and regulatory bodies are able to adapt and find innovative solutions to follow the regulatory changes made at the city level to make ridesharing possible, as other cities across Canada have been able to do,” the Mayor’s press secretary, Jeremy Davis, said in a statement.

Uber and Lyft, the two largest vehicle-for-hire companies are able to legally enter Winnipeg from March 01 in accordance with regulations created in the city. However, there is no auto insurance path for drivers of those companies. Manitoba’s public insurance model is proving a stumbling block as Uber does not agree with MPI’s plan.

Bowman pledged to bring Uber to Winnipeg during his state of the city speech last year. It is arguable he has fulfilled his pledge by creating regulations for the company to operate. However, customers will be aware come March 01 that Uber is not operating in Winnipeg.

“Mayor Bowman is calling on provincial insurance and regulatory bodies to find the road to ‘yes’ so Winnipeggers can finally have choice in the marketplace,” Davis stated.