Winnipeg police charged 41 impaired drivers in December

Published: January 4, 2019

Updated: February 1, 2019

Author: Luke Jones



Winnipeg has become the latest city to publish its impaired driving figures for the festive period. City police stopped over 7,500 vehicles during the Christmas to New Year week and handed out 41 impaired driving charges through the Checkstop period.

In a news release on Wednesday, Winnipeg police runs its Checkstop program each year through December to New Year’s Day. The total number of stopped vehicles was 7,667 and from the 41 charges, 39 were for drink driving and two were for impairment from drugs. Police say they also caught four drivers who tested positive for cannabis, but they have not been charged yet.

During the program, officers conducted over 400 breathalyzer tests on the side of the road, resulting in 40 warnings and eight failed tests. As for cannabis, police cannot charge offenders until a toxicology

Statistics show the average age of offending motorists was 38, with the youngest impaired driver being 16 and the oldest 74. 26 of the drivers were male and 15 were female.

Checkstop 2018 results:

  • 7,667 cars stopped.
  • 424 roadside breath tests administered, resulting in 40 warnings and eight fails.
  • 41 impaired driving related charges, including two drug impaired driving charges.
  • 4 cannabis positive oral fluid device tests.
  • 11 other criminal arrests.
  • 242 Provincial Offence Act tickets.