Winter tires reduce claims says CAA Ontario

Published: May 30, 2018

Updated: July 24, 2018

Author: Luke Jones



Every winter, drivers are either mandated to install winter tires or receive auto insurance discounts for using them. Many provinces in Canada make winter rubber law during the cold season, although in Ontario it is an option for motorists.

In an effort to get more drivers to install winter tires, the Canadian Automobile Association of Ontario says the tires do work. Indeed, the CAA Ontario says winter tires have reduced the number of claims being made. Drivers in the province are given discounts on their auto insurance for installing winter tires.

“Claims are reduced when people have winter tires on their cars, especially driving in climates like we have in Ontario,” CAA Insurance president Matthew Turak said Wednesday during a press conference at Toronto Union Station.

“As road safety advocates, CAA led the effort seven years ago to have an insurance discount for installing winter tires on your vehicle” in Ontario, said Elliott Silverstein, manager of government relations for CAA South Central Ontario.

The comments were made at the CAA launch of MyPace, a auto solution that gives discounts to motorists who use their vehicles for less than 9,000 km each year. MyPace is a solution that like winter tires, allows drivers to pick up discounts.

The treads on the tires do allow you to stop sooner and prevent accidents,” Turak noted.